Tuesday, March 16, 2010

telefoonhoesje op Ravelry

Finaly discovered the advantages of using Ravelry. For now I will use this blog to publish "telefoonhoesje", one of the patterns I made. It was develloped during a study of colours van Johannes Itten, a German scientist who developed a theorie on how colours effect each other. In the "telefoonhoesje" I played with contrasting colours and tried to figure out how little of a contrasting colour one needs to balance a design. This is my outcome.

For telefoonhoesje I used some sort of very thin embroidery yarn which I bought at De Afstap in Amsterdam. I used the yarn double treaded since it was so thin. I used 7 colours. (darkbrown, liverbrown, ockre, yellowish brown, 3 different colours of yellow and a bright purple) I used some 15 meters of almost all the colours, exept for the purple (just one round)

CO 36 st, with 4 double pointed needles.
Rnd 1; (k1 dark brown, k1 liver brown)18x
Rnd 2-5; repeat rnd 1.
Rnd 6; k 36 st liverbrown.
Rnd 7-10; (k1 yellow-brown, k2 liverbrown, k2 yellowbrown, k1 liverbrown) 6x
rnd 11-13; (k1 liverbrown, k2 yellowbrown, k2 liverbrown, k1 yellowbrown) 6x
Rnd 14-16; (k1 yellowbrown, k2 brightyellow, k2 yellowbrown, k1 brightyellow)6x
Rnd 17- 19 (k 1 brightyellow, k2 yellowbrown, k2 brightyellow, k1 yellowbrown) 6x
Rnd 20,21; (k1 orangeyellow, k2 brightyellow, k2 orangeyellow, k1 brightyellow) 6x
Rnd 23; (k1 ornageyellow, k2 purple, k2 orange yellow, k1 purple) 6x
Rnd 24-26; (k1 brightyellow, k2 orangeyellow, k2 brightyellow, k1 orangeyellow) 6x
Rnd 27-29; (k1 orangeyellow, k2 lightyellow, k2 orangeyellow, k1 lightyellow) 6x
Rnd 30-32: (k 1 lightyellow, k2 ockre, k2 lightyellow, k2 ockre) 6x
Rnd 33-36; (K 1 ockre, k2 lightyellow, k2 ockre, k2 lightyellow) 6x
Rnd 37-40; (k1 liverbrown, k2 ockre, k2 liverbrown, k1 ockre) 6x
Rnd 41-43; (k 1 ockre, k2 liverbrown, k2 ockre, k1 liverbrown) 6x
Rnd 44; (K 1 ockre, k2tog, YO)12x
Rnd 45; k36 Ockre
Rnd 46-47; (k1 darkbrown, k2liverbrown, k2 darkbrown, k1 liverbrown) 6x
Rnd 47-48; (K1 liverbrown, K2 darkbrown, K2 liverbrown, K1 darkbrown) 6x
Rnd 49; (P1 liverbrown, P2 darkbrown, P2 liverbrown, P1 darkbrown) 6x
Rnd 50-52; (K1 liverbrown, K2 darkbrown, K2 liverbrown, K1 liverbrown) 6x
Cast off 36 st.
Fold rnd 45-52 to inside en sew to inside of sleeve.
Crochet a cord, 30 cm and put it througt top of sleeve. Sew ends of cord together.


yvonnep said...

Mooie combinatie van kleuren joh! Zo inbreien ga ik vast pas doen als ik met pensioen ben, maar ach, dat is ook weer een jaar dichterbij gekomen.
yvonnep (op zoek naar je emailadres).

MenKnit2 said...

Lovely pattern - what is the tension (gauge which word do you use in Holland)