Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This afternoon I spent some hours dying yarn and trying to find the right colours of Yellow and Red. I used Landscape dye that I bought from This is how it turned out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

telefoonhoesje op Ravelry

Finaly discovered the advantages of using Ravelry. For now I will use this blog to publish "telefoonhoesje", one of the patterns I made. It was develloped during a study of colours van Johannes Itten, a German scientist who developed a theorie on how colours effect each other. In the "telefoonhoesje" I played with contrasting colours and tried to figure out how little of a contrasting colour one needs to balance a design. This is my outcome.

For telefoonhoesje I used some sort of very thin embroidery yarn which I bought at De Afstap in Amsterdam. I used the yarn double treaded since it was so thin. I used 7 colours. (darkbrown, liverbrown, ockre, yellowish brown, 3 different colours of yellow and a bright purple) I used some 15 meters of almost all the colours, exept for the purple (just one round)

CO 36 st, with 4 double pointed needles.
Rnd 1; (k1 dark brown, k1 liver brown)18x
Rnd 2-5; repeat rnd 1.
Rnd 6; k 36 st liverbrown.
Rnd 7-10; (k1 yellow-brown, k2 liverbrown, k2 yellowbrown, k1 liverbrown) 6x
rnd 11-13; (k1 liverbrown, k2 yellowbrown, k2 liverbrown, k1 yellowbrown) 6x
Rnd 14-16; (k1 yellowbrown, k2 brightyellow, k2 yellowbrown, k1 brightyellow)6x
Rnd 17- 19 (k 1 brightyellow, k2 yellowbrown, k2 brightyellow, k1 yellowbrown) 6x
Rnd 20,21; (k1 orangeyellow, k2 brightyellow, k2 orangeyellow, k1 brightyellow) 6x
Rnd 23; (k1 ornageyellow, k2 purple, k2 orange yellow, k1 purple) 6x
Rnd 24-26; (k1 brightyellow, k2 orangeyellow, k2 brightyellow, k1 orangeyellow) 6x
Rnd 27-29; (k1 orangeyellow, k2 lightyellow, k2 orangeyellow, k1 lightyellow) 6x
Rnd 30-32: (k 1 lightyellow, k2 ockre, k2 lightyellow, k2 ockre) 6x
Rnd 33-36; (K 1 ockre, k2 lightyellow, k2 ockre, k2 lightyellow) 6x
Rnd 37-40; (k1 liverbrown, k2 ockre, k2 liverbrown, k1 ockre) 6x
Rnd 41-43; (k 1 ockre, k2 liverbrown, k2 ockre, k1 liverbrown) 6x
Rnd 44; (K 1 ockre, k2tog, YO)12x
Rnd 45; k36 Ockre
Rnd 46-47; (k1 darkbrown, k2liverbrown, k2 darkbrown, k1 liverbrown) 6x
Rnd 47-48; (K1 liverbrown, K2 darkbrown, K2 liverbrown, K1 darkbrown) 6x
Rnd 49; (P1 liverbrown, P2 darkbrown, P2 liverbrown, P1 darkbrown) 6x
Rnd 50-52; (K1 liverbrown, K2 darkbrown, K2 liverbrown, K1 liverbrown) 6x
Cast off 36 st.
Fold rnd 45-52 to inside en sew to inside of sleeve.
Crochet a cord, 30 cm and put it througt top of sleeve. Sew ends of cord together.