Wednesday, May 5, 2010

speciaal voor Nel

Look this is what I do with my koninginnedagtreasures. No final outcome yet.


Ik brei said...

en voor Tanja; teveel spullen om in een auto te vervoeren :))

Pirkko said...

"koninginnedag treasures" - I would very much like to know what they are ;-) Queen's birthday treasures? Well, ok, I found a web page explaining vrijmarkt. But I'm looking forward to your future posts to see what you've made out of those pieces.

Ik brei said...

Hi Pirkko, so nice that you are following my experiments. through your reaction I can see it is kind of funny to celebrate the queens birthday (it isn't even her birthday actualy) in the way we do, but it is such a fun party in Amsterdam. The treasures are not made into anything yet, but I will update you when it happens.