Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dharma dyes

This skein is done. It took me 3 weeks to figure out the wright colorcombination. First it was all greens and Yellows (boring) Yesterday I added Dharma Dye (Fire engine Red and Electric Violet) The change was dramatic. I like the outcome so much. It is hard to photograph the colored skeins as beautiful as they are when you see them. In fact they are way more pretty than they show up in the pictures.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Preparing for my exhibition I came across to many unfinished projects that I actualy only started to remember the idea. I decided to tread them like sketches and declared them finished. The first one was an experiment with Kauni yarn.
The mitten (gloves for the oven) I knitted in the colors of a mitten made by my mother. Amongst many things she also quilted. I wanted to knit the twin sister of her mitten. Although I knitted only a few rows, I got bored. I like the idea of a second and knitted sister-mitten and want to remember that idea. Just don't feel like knitting the whole thing. Finished, as a sketch.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My very first exhibition

With the group of painters from Bleu et Vert, I will be exhibiting my knittingwork on the fith of june. If you think of visiting the exhibition please leave a message on my blog so I can get in touch of you. This is one of my works that I will be showing there. It is about the space were the top of the tree meets the air. This particular work is made after Anne Franks tree, the one she could see from her hiding place, the one she wrote about in her diary.


Just two extra experiments with the colourtheory of Itten that I wrote about in an earlier blog. Speldenkussentje 2 is made out of cotton.
The three scetchbooks are covered with colourblocks knitted out of cotton. They were made to see how the colours would work together. I realy like the results.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Not knowing what to do with all the 10 meter yarns that come from the dyeing experiments I decided to make a speldenkussentje. It is inspired on a pincushion that was made by my aunt Nel, who is into quilting. I tried to use her construction to make a knitted version. Both sides of the speldenkussen are knitted with different types of yarn. They show how the same dyelot does different things with different yarn. The speldenkussen was made by knitting 2 circles. Stitching them together. With a contrasting color I formed the pincushion into its shape.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy sticks

For a few years a take small branches with me from walks I make. At home I'll cover them up in a colorful coat. When I knit up the coat I go through al sorts of memories. The colorful sticks just make me happy. People ask to tell about the trip I made when picking up certain sticks but I do not remember which stick comes from which walk. Though the sticks are all there. The one I picked from my parents garden when my mom had just passed away, the one that became mine during a very painful walk/conversation with my girlfriend, the one when I decided to go through operation. Even the one that came from the tree that Anne Frank saw during WOII which she wrote about in her diary.


La baigneuse. As promissed. By me.